Venetian Plaster, Microcement & Artistic Installers

Your project is in safe, talented and tidy hands when using us.

Not only that, we’re approachable & client-friendly too, so your clients will love you even more.

As fellow professionals in the art of making people’s homes look amazing, we understand just how important this is.

We’ve experienced our fair share of shoddy workmanship and other tradesmen over the years, having to correct their work and make good of stuff that, quite frankly should never have been left that way.

No doubt you, too, have experienced some of this.

How about the unresponsive, rude or just plain lazy, expecting to get paid top-end money for mediocre work?

Yep, been there, done that.

This is why we strive to be different, break the mould and challenge the status quo.

Luckily for us, many of our fellow competitors are too lazy, ignorant or blind to change, not acknowledging there are issues in the first place.


Want to discover what sets us apart? 

What's In It For You?

Photogenic Projects

Great imagery helps sell more of your services, rest assured we're here to deliver exactly what you need but also artwork that's ready for social media

Eco Friendly Products

With more clients being conscious of the materials used in their projects, actively seeking out those who can demonstrate the use of products that are better for their health and the environment. We value this too and do our best to use these.

The Missing Link

Perhaps you've tried other companies before, who haven't quite lived up to expectations or caused you problems further on down the line?

Eye Catching Work

We believe that passion is portrayed through the work you do. Our installations are no exception to the rules, and we're not here just doing this for the fun of it.

Your Project, Your Timeline

Since you command the overall project, we'll work to your timelines, providing they're realistic. If they're not, we'll let you know!

Why Us Then?!

That’s a very valid question and one which could to an essay of waffle, pages of perceived benefits and the potential to bore you to death.

Instead, we’ll give you a ‘highlights’ overview, and should you be interested to find out more, simply give us a call.

Below are 9 popular finishes, as with this rapidly emerging sector of the market, the main limitation is your imagination.

So much more is possible…

concrete venetian plaster feature wall close up texture shot in Tadworth Surrey
Grey Venetian polished plaster feature wall in london Signature walls
Natural Stone Textured Plaster with stencil detailing
oxidised rust finish in venetian plaster with concrete
Microcement detail 2
Microcement detail
Semi Smooth
Decorative aged copper venetian plaster stencil work
Metallic sage green and gold blend over top of textured venetian plaster install
crocodile animal print venetian polished plaster design in green

What our clients say

“Couldn’t recommend these guys highly enough, hard working, tidy and good value… Great job and really pleased with the result.”
David Goulding
“Thank you so much guys, you have made me a very happy lady. Exceptional work from beginning to end.”
Jade Squires

Having artistic flair and creativity, in our opinion, is a prerequisite. However, it’s not generally something that can be taught, at least not in a 2-day course.

Unfortunately for you, many other applicators out there have little to no real-world experience, lack creative insight, and produce work that is lacklustre, dull and uninspiring.

These are typically the guys who have got excited by the promise of big bucks and been sold the dream by the course provider, and often they aren’t applicators themselves either.

See the problem here?

It’s like the blind leading the blind.

Now we’re all for someone getting experience, honing their craft and the like, but I’m guessing that you’d prefer they didn’t do it on your projects and risk jeopardising your immaculate reputation!

All it takes is that one job to tarnish your name or lose out in an attempt to patch up and rekindle.

Business shouldn’t have to be challenging where catastrophes can be avoided.

Let us take do the decorative install to focus on the finishing touches, ready for you to hand over.

If you want your client’s jaw to hit the floor, look no more.

Venetian Plaster for Interior Designers

distressed venetian plaster effect london
Polished plaster as a decorative finish

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