What is Venetian Plaster?

grey venetian plaster with some texturing

What is Venetian Plaster? Venetian plaster is a decorative wall and ceiling finish. It consists of slaked lime putty blended in with crushed marble dust and colourants. Venetian plaster is applied with a spatula, trowel or scoop in dainty, various layers, which can then be shined to make a smooth surface if this is the … Read more

7 of our favourite ways to make your surfaces shine, pop and sparkle using Venetian plaster and micro cement

metallic shiny venetian plaster

We love using Venetian plaster and micro cement to make your surfaces stand out, discover 7 of our favourite ways to do so… When looking to make your walls, floors, worktops, ceilings, or splashbacks shine using decorative finishes such as Venetian Plaster you are faced with many possibilities. The scope of this article is to … Read more

Is Venetian Plaster Out Of Style?

oxidised copper stencil with venetian plaster

Is Venetian plaster out of style? To understand this first we must realise that fashion and style are individual and personal to us, yes there will be trends, movements and phases but ultimately our perspective dictates what is and is not considered stylish. Yes of course there is influence readily available at every turn, in … Read more

Blue Venetian Polished Plaster as an accent wall

blue venetian polsihed plaster feature wall

When you’re thinking about adding a feature wall into your home or place of work there will undoubtedly be a lot of thoughts, ideas and choices to be made, colour and texture are two of the main ones. Blue Venetian plaster can be a bold choice. Get it right and you’ll have created a space … Read more

What is Stencil work?

Stencil Work

In the visual arts, stencilling is a process for duplicating designs, templating a pattern, imagery or text and is usually done so by applying ink or paint to the surface to be decorated through holes made out of a thin sheet such as plastic, card or metal. Though the process remains similar, our stencil work … Read more

Pros and Cons of Using Venetian Polished Plaster

grey venetian polished plaster with bespoke copper and black woodwork

Venetian polished plasters have been used to create magnificent finishes since the Middle Ages for those who were able to afford such a luxurious wall covering in their abodes. Product thickness ranges between 0.5 and 1mm typically for fine-grain finishes such as the marble polished plaster, depending on the desired appearance, and they are designed … Read more

What are Bespoke Finishes ?

Bespoke Finishes

What are bespoke finishes and how do they fit into your home renovations and styling ideas? Read on to find out… Firstly, we should point out that each of our installations using Venetian plaster, microcement and other products we have available is somewhat individual to each job, due to the hand-crafted nature and individuality each … Read more

Is Venetian Plaster Expensive?

Venetian Plaster staircase

Is Venetian Plaster Expensive? Venetian plaster is a well-known Italian feature wall and ceiling finish that may be applied by an expert to rapidly create a stone, marble, or concrete-like look on a few centimetres of thickness. Venetian plaster materials cost in the UK varies depending on the quantity, quality, and colour of the plaster … Read more