Surface and finish options

Decorative surface finishes are incredibly versatile and really broadening the horizons of what is possible when it comes to interior design and decoration.

You can create a statement wall or ceiling, cover up existing tiles in your kitchen rather than removing them or re-invigorate ageing pieces of furniture that may have been destined to be otherwise removed.

Known for our attention to detail and fantastic finishes we are able to offer the following options, but do check back as we’re always up-skilling and seeking new innovative options to offer our client base.

Plaster options

The limit of plaster finishes is your imagination. Here are some of the most popular choices. Read our polished plaster guide for further information.

Panelling and Cladding

Marmorino (Venetian Plaster)

Characteristic: Provides a textured finish, as with the polished finish it is made from marble and slaked lime.

Details: This crushed marble and lime-based finish is mainly used for interior decoration focal points, feature walls or ceilings.

Wallpapering and Murals

Characteristic: Smooth, textured or patterned tend to be the main choices when it comes to papering, it can offer an eye catching element to a room or feature wall.

Details: Normally reserved for walls but can be used on ceilings, fit for internal use only where damp or moisture won’t present an issue.

A very traditional surface covering with much history seated within England, you’ll find a myriad of prints, heritage designs, hand drawn or even luxurious silk papers available on the market.

Not necessarily the most durable option so is best used for its decorative appeal.

Due to it being supplied on rolls you must factor in join lines and pattern matching; some papers don’t do so well here which is why you might like to opt for a mural instead. The reason for this is the seamless printed design, which can be applied like a big vinyl sticker in one piece.


Characteristic: Cold to touch, hard and extremely durable they are typically found in 4 main material choices; Ceramic, porcelain, natural stone or glass they have been the mainstay of bathrooms and kitchens for many years.

Details: Sizes commonly used range from small mosaic-based sheets for decorative borders or features, to 600 x 600 mm tiles for coverage of larger internal spaces, however they can commonly be found in sizes up to 1200 mm.

Brick slips

Characteristic: Rustic and textured.

Details: Trendy, quirky and cool when used in the right setting these come in a range of colours, ages and finishes. Can be used both inside and out, would still usually retain the traditional sand & cement pointing to finish them off instead of grout.

Plasmas and Epoxy Resins

Characteristic: Smooth, high polished and can have hand crafted deviations added in such as ‘marbled veins’ a very visually impressive product that creates unique patterning individual to the artist.

Details: Given the nature of the raw materials it’s not a natural option however this does make it extremely waterproof, capable of being buffed up to extremely high gloss surfaces and the ability to incorporate liquid metals into it.

Becoming increasingly more popular for floor and bathroom based applications due to the incredible finishes that can be achieved.