Venetian Polished Plasters

Traditional Lime based stucco, also known as Venetian Polished Plaster, is a luxurious decorative coating that can be used within your home or business on walls.

Venetian Plaster gives a high shine finish, reminiscent of marble in appearance, which is partly due to the incorporation of crushed marble particulate within the product.

The high shine finish of Venetian Plaster is one of the most laborious and time-intensive offerings we have, but we feel that the effort is worth it when you’re left with polished marble artwork on your walls.

Wayne Manuel
Professional work
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Well impressed with the finish and professional work these guys completed for me...highly recommend them.
David Goulding
Looks fantastic
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I was looking for some sort of feature wall for my newly built garden office when it was suggested I tried Peter and Alan and had polished plaster. I saw some photos of their work and quickly decided to go for it. Peter came over to measure up and help me choose the colour. After 3 days of very hard work the job was done and it looks fantastic. Couldn’t recommend these guys highly enough, hard working, tidy and good value when you consider the amount of work that goes into it. Great job and really pleased with the result.

Polished Plasters

Characteristics: Smooth, shiny & with a distinct patterning, this product will bring the appearance of marble onto your surfaces.

Each installation will come with its own distinct patterning, which will be unique to your installation.

Giving a dramatic focal point for your space, we love the bold colours here, but for those of you who prefer something more subtle, we have options for you too.

Details: Only suitable for installation on walls, it is a more delicate coating than some of our other products. 

Although it could be installed within a bathroom we advise against using it within wet areas, instead, there are other possibilities that are better suited to these areas.  If you need some guidance, feel free to reach out using the contact button below or call to speak with one of our experts.

Polished Plaster Ceilings

Reflect your lighting setup down to the space below with a high shine Venetian Plaster Finish. The use of Venetian plaster in this situation can add credence to your interior renovation works.

Completed by our team of polished plaster experts in a much shorter timeframe than the Sistine Chapel,  it would still create a sense of accomplishment for yourselves and guests alike.

Doing so could be particularly impactful if picking out an infilled panel or section, choosing a zone where you’ve got a dropped ceiling, or detailing a few key focal points from the vast expanse.

A highly reflective ceiling and mirror-like finish of our polished plaster can enhance your space and make it feel bigger. To learn more about our Venetian plaster cost, call us today!

Venetian Polished Plaster Media Units

A real show stopper and centrepiece for a lounge renovation project, Venetian plasters enhance a media unit or chimney breast and will add the finishing touches to your new space.

This can be done with some texture, concentration on shine or by the inclusion of a more discreet design in the Venetian plaster.

The beauty of these decorative plaster products is they can be fully customised for you!

So if you have a decor theme running through your home, particular furniture you’d like to tie in with or wanted something so bold and intriguing nobody knows what it is, we can accommodate. 

To learn more about our Venetian plaster and other plasters in more detail, reach out using the button below. Buy Venetian plaster only from Signature Walls!

Venetian Polished Plaster Feature Walls

Enhancing a feature wall or creating a focal point with polished plaster is one of the primary uses. This is what differentiates Venetian plasters from other plasters.

That’s not to say that it couldn’t be used throughout the whole space, but we find often it could be overwhelming, alongside added expense.

It’s easy to apply Venetian plaster. Applying it on just one whole wall can serve as a worthy addition to picking out details such as a fireplace, TV wall, or media unit, and where the natural light strikes giving the wow factor and complementing the rest of the decoration.

Coming from a decorating background, our artisans have a wealth of experience, depth of wisdom and artistic flair that comes in handy when undertaking these projects, which are critical to getting a polished plaster finish that gives you the desired outcome. 

Unfortunately, not everyone in this field will give you the same level of expertise, care, focus and attention; instead, purely focus on getting paid as quickly as possible.

Consider how you plan to light the space, too and if your feature polished plaster wall will get its feature lighting. If you need some ideas or Venetian plaster design inspirations, browse our site or get in touch using the button below.

Can’t find what you’re looking for or want to know more about? 

Venetian Polished Plaster Variations

The term Venetian polished plaster gets used extensively across the web and social media. Sometimes, it is taken out of context or products that are not the same are classified under the same umbrella.

It’s important to distinguish between these Venetian plaster products as there are limitations, better-suited products in some cases or alternatives that will give the look you seek for your wall or ceilings.

Traditional polished marble plaster, aka Stucco Veneziano, aka Venetian polished plaster, is a material steeped in history, having been used as an opulent wall covering for centuries.

In recent years, polished plaster has enjoyed its own mini-renaissance of sorts, with newer products also coming to market that can achieve bespoke finishes on your surfaces, floors, and ceilings.

One thing that differentiates Venetian plaster is its formulation.

Traditionalists and purists alike will scorn at the thought of adding acrylic into the blend. However, this seems to be common practice with some decorative plaster suppliers.  From a client’s perspective, it’s important to be aware of as it will determine the overall polished plaster finish, aesthetics and price point.

Quality materials cost more. There are no two ways about it, so if seeking a few quotes, make sure you’re comparing like for like when it comes to these Venetian Plasters.

Marble Plaster

This is the finest grain size of traditional stucco, blending pigments of colour with natural materials like slaked lime putty and finely ground up marble aggregate.

Once reserved for the upper echelons of society in their prestigious homes, luxury bathrooms, and palaces, you too can now enjoy this decorative Venetian plaster finish in your home. You can use Venetian plaster on your walls, floors and other surfaces.

You may also find this referred to as Grasello Di Calce.

Essentially, this gives the smooth, reflective and marble-like coating with a prestigious finish that many enjoy as a very classical design. Indeed, Venetian plasters are one of the trickiest and most unforgiving products to work with.

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