Achieving An Industrial Look With Venetian Plaster

How To Achieve An Industrial Finish With Venetian Plaster 

Industrial inspiration can be introduced into the home or office with Venetian plaster whether you’re planning renovation works or just want to freshen things up a bit with a twist.

There are no rules in the world of Venetian plaster, soo it’s an exciting and explorative journey into industrial finishes.

This can be done with significant visual impact in a few ways using our expertise and range of products available; read on to discover how.

If you’re looking to create a  feature wall that exudes the properties of an aged concrete effect yet live in a more modern property, going down the route of hiring a skilled applicator can see you achieve this particular look and feel.

Some might class it as a bit edgy, quirky or even just a bit odd, but these are the ones who will most likely never understand the need for clean lines alongside a minimalist approach.

Industrial finishes used within the home environment can be perceived as a little cold, impersonal or not fitting their surroundings.

However, when used in the proper context, these robust and industrialesque wall coatings are superb for a space’s dramatic look and feel.

It may come as a surprise, but they can also be made to feel warm and create a cosy environment; how the space is lit and dressed will significantly impact that. 

When seeking a heavily textured finish, the use of products such as our Concrete Venetian Plaster will give not only a wall that looks fantastic but also feels how it looks, creating a multi-sensory experience in the process.

Some of the industrial-inspired finishes available can also be used on floors, ceilings and exteriors, so don’t limit your imagination.

You could potentially continue decorating the kitchen or bathroom by coating walls or worktops in the same finish, seamlessly integrating the industrial edge and providing continuity.

The list of possibilities are seemingly infinite so if you have ideas but are unsure if they’re viable, then feel free to get in touch and discuss in more detail, which you can do here.

Contrasting grey concretes and micro cement products with black fixtures and fittings is quite traditional; metals such as copper also work well, providing a pop against the background palettes.

We still are blown away by the number of options available to us in the current market; not only that, and the ability to combine products further enhances our capabilities to bring about some truly unique finishes within Venetian plaster.

Liquid metal detailing, in particular, is a perfect addition to the walls or surfaces requiring the extra element of the wow factor.  

Zinc, brass, gold or silver are all equally as remarkable and can be applied in logos, stencils or text where needed.

Adding ‘movement’ into micro cement makes it more interesting to look at, as the light reflects from the detail and texture introduced by the artist during installation.

Your industrial-inspired installations can have ageing and patina work woven into their design in a more time-efficient manner, taking days instead of years for the visual impact to take effect.

As you can imagine, some of these feature walls and finishes within decorative plaster and micro cement are very labour intensive, requiring specialist knowledge and equipment; this is no exception to the rules.

The result of that is particular piece was blowing, and the clients were blown astounded with the finish achieved and will no doubt be a centrepiece for him and the rest of the family to enjoy for many years to come.

An industrial vibe and feel are popular with clients who enjoy a grey-based palette, are adventurous with their texture choices, and seek something different.

It will work well as a standalone installation or alongside other products in your home.

Should you wish to discuss your ideas in more detail or like to schedule a design consultation to see some finishes in person, then either email us at or call 0203 488 7578

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