What is polished plaster?

Venetian Polished Plaster is a decorative surface covering option, made out of slaked lime & crushed marble, hence why it’s sometimes referred to as marble plaster, in Italy it is also known as Stucco.

It is quite a traditional option for decoration on the continent and in other countries, due to the range of finishing options and the temperature retaining properties.

Sustainable: Being made from natural raw materials means that Venetian Plaster is eco-friendly & a sustainable choice, we also offer a range of paints that can be used to help clean the air in your internal environment.

Durable & waterproof: Certain plasters, but not all, can be made waterproof by the waxes or sealants that are applied at the end of the process. These also offer added durability for your decorative coating, naturally some are more durable than others, which our expert team can advise on.

Versatile: Your imagination is the main limitation when it comes to where these decorative finishes can be used, providing the substrate is solid and the correct application procedure is followed. We are able to advise more in depth during our consultation as to the limitations of a particular material or finish.

However you could repurpose a table, coat a ceiling, decorate a door, float a masterpiece out across the floor or design fabulous furniture, microcement in particular is a very on trend coating at the moment and goes over most surfaces. Link to Applications page

Limitless options: By taking a different approach to the application of products we are able to change how the finished surface turns out, a seemingly unlimited range of colour choices and the addition of other products means you can choose a very unique and special result that sings to your soul.

Texture in the end finish is particularly important to us, not only should the surface look stunning but also appeal to your touch, we aim to create a sensory experience second to none.

High gloss polished surfaces, right through to pitted, semi-smooth and even deeply textured stormy options are available.

Examples of some of our most popular finishes include polished plaster, microcement and marmarino. View our finishes page for more details.


Step 1

Firstly we undertake a surface consultation session whereby we get to understand your needs, tastes and preferences, also to determine if we’d be the best option for you and your project.

Step 2

Before we can apply Venetian plaster, our very first step is to tape up and protect the areas we are working in. Then we need to prepare the surface and ensure it is solid, in suitable condition to be coated. If the substrates need attention we’ll let you know before we commence work, issues such as existing damp or blown plaster can cause issues with the surface finishes we use unless rectified.

Step 3

Next up the surfaces need to be primed prepared so the base coats are able to take to the surface effectively, giving us a solid foundation upon which to layer up. Using your sample as our guide, we will then get our beloved trowels out to recreate the layers in your choice of colours. Building up through several coats and allowing the surface to dry adequately in between coats.

Step 4

When we reach the top layer we will begin the burnishing process, this is to compress and polish up the surface (if required), giving us the high shine look.

Step 5

Once the burnishing has been completed the surface must be sealed using a wax, which is applied by hand and then buffed up to give a protective shine, depending on where the installation has been done we may need to add several coats of waxes to offer further protection.

Step 6

When we’re happy with the end product we’ll de-tape, clean up and remove our equipment, tools and protection that we’ve put down. It’s at this point the grand unveiling is done so you can have your breath taken away by the art of your wall!

Polished Plaster Walls
Polished Plaster
What is polished plaster

Can’t see what you need? Contact us with what you have in mind and we’ll be happy to create you a bespoke board to your specification.

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What is polished plaster

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