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medium marmorino pitted 2

Marmorino (Venetian Plaster)

Characteristic: Provides a textured finish, as with the polished finish it is made from marble and slaked lime.

Details: This crushed marble and lime-based finish is mainly used for interior decoration focal points, feature walls or ceilings.

Depending on what size grain and finish you select a number of options are achievable, each with their own more specific application and purpose.

tadelakt grey


Characteristic: Traditional Moroccan Lime based product that has natural water repellent properties making it a good option for shower areas, saunas and exterior applications.

Details: It’s also durable and can have textured added in by hand on the top coat to create something truly unique and magical. It has a smooth seamless finish, so when used in bathrooms or kitchens it’s easier to keep clean due to no grout lines. It can also be used to create sinks, shower enclosures & basins.

travetino 1


Characteristic: A decorative textured lime-based plaster, which can appear rough yet feel smooth.

Details: It is used to recreate the look and feel of natural travertine stone which you may be familiar with from tiles or patio slabs. A tough and durable type of plaster, it has applications both indoors and outdoors, with its classic and elegant finishes.

Textured concrete design in mid grey

Lime Based Concretes

Characteristic: Hardwearing, durable and with the minimalist look in mind this product has a variety of uses, matt or satin finish usually with a coarse texture.

Details: Typically used in industrial or commercial environments these have grown in popularity within the domestic setting too and can be ‘aged’ in the finishing process to create a more personalised feel.

micro cement cream 3


Characteristic: Recreating that seamless stone effect, it’s durable, flexible and tough. This product can appear in a variety of shades but is most popular in shades of grey.

Details: As with Marmorino there are 3 main grain sizes typically used to achieve the desired finish textures and patterning.

Very popular in bathroom settings, floors and on furniture but can be used most places.

Plaster textures

Textured plasters are used to create unique finishes in a number of different styles. Take your pick from the selection below or call us if you require something different.

Plaster designs

Textured plasters are used to create unique finishes in a number of different styles. Take your pick from the selection below or call us if you require something different.

polished plaster liquid metal art2


If there’s a particular pattern or logo that you really enjoy chances are we can create it within a finishing style of your choice.

This applies to company logos, icons, initials and much more. All we need are the design files to get a stencil made up, alternatively there are many stylish ‘off the shelf’ ones we can incorporate into your design for you.

Polished Plaster


Shimmer and shine can bring about some lovely light refractions, making your project pop in ways nothing else can.

These can come in a variety of application methods added to other finishes & product ranges or be standalone products of their own accord.

Smooth or textured are both options.


Patina and Rust effects

Typically these would be delivered in a matt finish due to the processes that take place, however we can apply sealers over the top which can smooth out and add shine.

Levels of ‘ageing’ / oxidisation can be selected & applied over the top of some, but not all of the products we use.

Nice if you’re particularly fond of the weathered or distressed looks.

crocodile animal print venetian polished plaster design in green

Patterned finishes

Animal print textures such as crocodile or snake skin finishes can be added into design top coats, providing a repeatable pattern that remains once finished.

However, they are not just limited to these effects we can also supply rippled patterns, dragged effect, bamboo texture, sponged and many more to suit your needs.


Decorative Paint Effects

These finishes whilst visually impressive tend not to have the texture or depth of other materials nor the durability or versatility.

Sealers and lacquers can still be applied to vary the sheen levels and add some surface toughness though.

Great as an additional to add some spice to topcoats or on surfaces where other finishes may not be an option.

oxidised copper stencil work finish using textured venetian plaster

One Offs

The ultimate level of bespoke finish is to have something specifically designed just for you.

Take the box where your creativity usually lives and kick it to the curb as we venture into realms often unknown, untested & never seen before!

Mix products together that wouldn’t typically be, an option for the braver of you out there.

Can’t see what you need? Contact us with what you have in mind and we’ll be happy to create you a bespoke board to your specification.

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