Colour choices for polished plaster

What colour options do you get with our surface finishes here at Signature walls?

Great question! The answer is seemingly infinite, many products can be mixed up to suit your taste preferences*, being shades darker or lighter if needed.

Add into this changes of colour in top coats or base coats and other additives we can include in the final design coat, the combinations possible reach mind boggling numbers.

It’s fair to say that if you want to create a piece that nobody could replicate, or a colour combo so bold & audacious only you could love it then it is all possible!

Naturally if you’re slightly more reserved, then we can point you in the right direction of our more subtle shades, finishes and light neutral tones to bring about a modern & contemporary feel. In some ranges we have 62 main colours, but we can tint top coats or add metal powders and such into sealers to provide more options, pops and shimmers.

Feel free to browse through our gallery, images and colour charts to get some initial inspirations. Alternatively if you know what styles, finish or colours that you like get in touch so we can arrange a sample for you.

*Colour match service only available in some products

Can’t see what you need? Contact us with what you have in mind and we’ll be happy to create you a bespoke board to your specification.

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Order a sample

Before making your final decision as to which finish you’d love, we offer you the chance to view, touch and explore a sample of this for yourself.

Simply click below to see what options we have available.

What is polished plaster

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