Applications of polished plaster

Polished plaster can be used to pick out aspects and enhance key details within your home, such as a chimney breast, feature wall, media unit or sections of wall within a space.

With decorative finishes, faux finishes and surface designs there are no rules as it comes down to personal taste. We are here to offer guidance and ideas but the decision on where you may like the artwork to be installed is ultimately down to you!

Typically, the statement walls and bolder colours would only be used in smaller doses such as one all or picking out accents, whereas the more subtle colours are used more liberally.

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Popular applications

Feature walls

The perfect way to grab attention in your home and create a centre piece for conversations to be based around.

Bathrooms and wet rooms

Wet rooms and bathroom areas can be coated in Micro cement or Tadelakt Plaster bringing about a modern and stylish twist.


Bring life to outdoor spaces such as rooftop terraces, patio areas or distinguished dining spaces.

Commercial and Offices

Wow visitors by coating your reception desk or entrance way in a luxurious coating, or stencilled company logo.


Inject a new lease of life to your splashback, coat the worktops or wall areas to brighten it up.

Not just for walls

You can get the creative mind wandering with the use of our services, throw the rule book out of the window and prepare to coat, cover and apply to most areas seen by the eye.

plaster finish for floors
plaster finish for cupboards
plaster finish for ceilings

Microcement is a very versatile surface coating in kitchen spaces offering the chance to cover worktops, floors splashback with no join lines or grout.

Venetian plaster makes for an exceptional decorative and robust finish, once waxed it will withstand the day to day environments.

Tables, chairs and other furniture are also prime candidates to get a makeover with these surface coverings, giving a sophisticated look and feel that’s sure to grab the attention of your guests.

Other useful information

Finishes & Types

Find out more about the types of surface finishes we can offer.

Plaster applications

Discover where plaster can be applied and individual characteristics.

Plaster colours

See our variety of colour options for plaster.

Order a sample

Before making your final decision as to which finish you’d love, we offer you the chance to view, touch and explore a sample of this for yourself.

Simply click below to see what options we have available.

What is polished plaster

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