Plaster Texture for Venetian Wall Finish

Your decorative Venetian wall finishes can take on a whole new level of personalisation when using textured plaster.

This is tailored to your preferences, as with any of these interior coatings, being installed in everything from a smooth and subtle texture to much more significant and coarse effects.

Patterns, tool marks and clues as to how it’s been produced can be left within the design if you like, as can further enhancements to create a piece that pops.

With a massive selection of colours, shades and texture combinations available, with our expert insights, your Venetian plaster wall could take on the presence of its own, captivating visitors and social media admirers alike.


Plaster Wall Texture

Characteristics: Semi-smooth, reasonably rugged, pitted, dragged, stippled, splattered, smudged or imprinted with a repeatable pattern are all possibilities with your plaster wall texture. 

There are no rules when it comes to the world of Venetian plaster so dare to be as brave as you like.

Typically, the product used will be hard, brittle, and challenging; Therefore, it won’t be suited to substrates that may have some movement. 

we’re here to support your visions and bring the ideas to life on your interior surfaces 

Details: Usually, these more textured Venetian plaster installs would be used as a standalone feature or accent wall. That’s not to say they couldn’t be applied to more than one surface.  It would be best to consider how the space will come together and not detract from the main focal point.

As with all of our projects, we’ll create a ‘taster’ of what to expect beforehand so you can envision the colour, grain, patterns, stencils or other detailing in real life.

Venetian Plaster Texture

Reflect your lighting setup down to the space below with a high shine finish in polished plaster. The use of Venetian plaster in this situation can add credence to your interior renovation works.

Completed by our team of experts in a much shorter timeframe than the Sistine Chapel,  it would still create a sense of accomplishment for yourselves and guests alike.

Doing so could be particularly impactful if picking out an infilled panel or section, choosing a zone where you’ve got a dropped ceiling, or detailing a few key focal points from the vast expanse.

A highly reflective ceiling and mirror-like finish can enhance your space and make it feel bigger. 

concrete venetian plaster feature wall close up texture shot in Tadworth Surrey

Polished Plaster Texture

Smooth and shiny is the order of the day for polished plaster.

It’s generally fantastic to the touch and mixes areas of high gloss with semi-shiny or matte regions depending on how the material has been plied and the techniques of the applicator.

No one installation will be the same as another, further adding to the desirability of the product.

This option is generally applied in thin coats, and once cured with all moisture evaporated, it will give the appearance of marble.

Significantly;y high shine is achieved with buffing and then waxing the installation, which is the finishing touch and helps protect the delicate product from hand marks, accidental spills and dirt.

Like any smooth and shiny texture or decorative finish, it is prone to scratching, so it must be treated with care and respect. 

Grey Venetian polished plaster feature wall in london Signature walls
Wayne Manuel
Wayne Manuel
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Well impressed with the finish and professional work these guys completed for me...highly recommend them.

Decorative Plaster Texture

When looking to create a unique installation with decorative plaster texture, the main limitation is your imagination.

The texture can be built out in different ways and with the help of our extensive toolkit.


Concrete Venetian plaster texture up close London

Types of Texture on Your Venetian Plaster Walls

You’ll discover an array of striking ways texture can be included with your Venetian plaster walls within our pattern creation remit.

This could be as simple as some stippling or slight pitting, whereas the more defined texture would see this built up to a thicker layering.

Visually this would be more striking and pleasing to the touch for some but does come with further consideration for ongoing usage and cleaning.  

David Goulding
David Goulding
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I was looking for some sort of feature wall for my newly built garden office when it was suggested I tried Peter and Alan and had polished plaster. I saw some photos of their work and quickly decided to go for it. Peter came over to measure up and help me choose the colour. After 3 days of very hard work the job was done and it looks fantastic. Couldn’t recommend these guys highly enough, hard working, tidy and good value when you consider the amount of work that goes into it. Great job and really pleased with the result.

Other Additions To Textured Plaster

By including other products from our range such as liquid metal, metallic paints or differnt grain sized stucco we’re able to unleash a whole otehr level of creativity.

These designs could also make use of stencils to add another dimension of intrigue, the higher viscosity products in particular could be layered up here to build out depth.

When you combine this with a contrasting coloru or pop oevr the to it will bring to life the 3D element.


Can’t find what you’re looking for or want to know more about Microcement? 

○ Does Venetian plaster have texture?

Yes, Venetian plaster does have texture; the way it looks and feels will be dictated by the grain size used and application methods.

○ How do you texture over Venetian plaster?

You are layering the product in stages until you reach your desired effect and texture within the Venetian plaster.

○ Can I paint textured plaster?

Yes, you can paint either over the whole textured plaster installation, sections of it, or if you wanted to introduce colour, the Venetian laster itself could be tinted accordingly. 

○ How long does it take to install textured Venetian plaster in a home?

Each installation is different, so it’s hard to give a definitive number. However, most of our projects have an average time of around one week.

○ How to clean textured plaster walls?

The same as any of our work, textured plaster walls must be treated with care. Upon completion we’ll issue you with specific aftercare instructions to keep your wall looking great for many years to come.

○ How to match plaster texture?

If you’re in love with a particular texture, inspirational art piece, or otherwise, we can look to recreate this in our way. This is made possible by our skillset and experience.

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