Where can I use venetian plaster?

Imagination is your main limitation when it comes to use of these wonderful products in and around your home, yes the skills of the applicators and their creative ideas also come into it but with such an array of finishes available we’d like to say that you can use Venetian plaster in most areas as we’ll delve into below.

Most commonly you will find this product used on feature walls but is not to say that whole rooms couldn’t be coated if you really loved a particular design and finish, within the range of Venetian plaster is the three main grain sizes (coarse, medium and fine) which are suitable to use for feature walls, fireplace walls, media units and also less commonly you’ll find them on ceilings.

Due to the eye-catching nature and investment for this type of work coating one or two walls within a room tends to be the most popular way to introduce it into your home, but it’s not to say that picking out some focal points or accents can’t be done so if you’ve got a niche shelving area, alcoves, window or door reveals maybe even a column that you’d like to stand out, complimentary or contrasting the rest of your décor this could well be the product that you’re looking for.

To use Venetian plaster in bedrooms, living spaces or hallways would be more typical however you can introduce it into kitchen areas if treated properly and sealed to offer a higher level of durability from stains and splashes, it wouldn’t be recommended to use as a splashback behind the cooker due to hot fats and cooking oil/ food splashes. 

In the bathroom we would advise using a more suitable product, which would be called Tadelakt, this is a traditional Moroccan Lime based plaster that is naturally waterproof and better suited to the wetter environments, this could also be used in steam rooms and poolside areas.

If you’re looking to create some truly bespoke finishes around the home we can blend these plasters together, use a variety of application techniques to achieve different textured finishes within the same job or introduce other products such as metallics or liquid metals into your design for some truly special awe inspiring works.

Some example ideas for you could be to layer up coarse grain Marmorino with some metallics blending in to the first layers, perhaps you could combine coarse grain with some medium grain in a contrasting colour bringing some exemplary texturing work into the mix or colour blending a few fine grain Marmorinos together to recreate a natural marble effect with high gloss polish finish.

Venetian plaster can also be used on furniture to give a distinct style and character to your pieces, picking out aspects and detail or coating larger areas, again if doing so you’d need to follow correct application and protocols to ensure a good finish is achieved.

Either way if you’re stuck for ideas or uncertain as to whether you can get a particular colour scheme to work in your home, get in touch with us for a colour consultation and sample board, simply drop us an email or reach out to us using the contact form on the website.

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