How much does it cost for Micro cement?

One of the main questions that we get asked on a regular basis which is important to know or get a feel for when looking to plan your bathroom renovation or home refurbishment project, while no two projects are the same, we are able to offer you some guidance and indicative price range for having Microcement in your home.

To offer a rough price per project, based on 2023 pricing;

Min charge up to 15 m2 = £3200 + vat for walls 

For floors £4200 + vat.

An average bathroom is likely to cost £5500 – 6000+ vat.

You can use this product over existing tiles, however, this will require additional preparation work and to ensure the substrate is sound.

This is costed on a day rate basis and will be discussed upon inquiry.

A very on-trend product at the moment, Microcement, is a very versatile and robust surface coating that can be used to bring an industrial and modern look into your space, due to the nature of the materials used it is perfect for areas that require hard-wearing materials or waterproof characteristics.

Some of the main factors to take into consideration when looking for a price range are:

  • Size of area
  • Desired finish and product range 
  • Current condition 
  • Complexity of surface

These are the main criteria that we will be using to help us price the job up, hence why no two projects are the same, as the installer we need to ensure that the walls or surfaces are fir for purpose and that the substrates we are being asked to go over with the micro cement are suitable to begin with.

Any remedial work required by us to ensure a solid installation will need to be carried out along with surface preparation, this could be things like dealing with loose tiles, wobbly wall sections and sagging plasterboards or loose flooring that requires fixing down properly.

Flaky paints, contaminated areas and very poor condition surfaces can often require us to take further steps to make good before we can begin our Microcement processes so these also need to be considered when you’re looking at getting some work undertaken.  Have an honest look at the space where you want the work done to establish how much work may be required beforehand, more work = more investment.

Often people can think the larger areas will cost more, which is the case overall, however the per metre squared cost will be typically be lower if there is more to do in the same area or job, the reason for this is we would have already been to prepare and install anyway so adding more walls, floors or ceilings into the same visit becomes more cost effective.

When we install Microcement it isn’t a process that can be rushed through, having to build up the layers and allow curing and drying times in between which leads to the job extending over many days as opposed to something like tiling where you’re governed by how many tiles you can get laid in a day.

So, if you’re looking for a few areas to be done at once, or would like to make use of some other decorative art ideas or feature walls to be carried out at the same time you can achieve best value for money, remember our range of finishes can be used to create focal points around the home or picking out accents to introduce subtle colours we can assist with ideas and inspiration that you may not have thought of previously.

One area that can be easily overlooked is the complexity of an area, especially within bathrooms, having a highly detailed space to work naturally results in longer application times per coat.  Shelving, niches, window reveals and corners are all examples that add to the higher levels of detail we’d typically expect to find, on floors we can also add into this step, also in bathrooms or kitchen spaces this product can be used to create seamless stone effect and integrate basins, shower trays and the joins between sections.

Lastly the range of products and finishes available will have an impact on our overall fee, with certain options commanding higher product costs and involving more labour to produce.  On it’s own the micro cement can sometimes appear a little flat or bland, however we are pleased to offer our clientele a range of additional methods to create something truly bespoke for them.

Some options for this are introducing metallics, metal additives to produce light refractions that catch the eye and give a pop, which would include the most popular colours such as gold, silver, zinc and copper.  

Textured finishes which are achieved through the application process can also result in added time but provide depth and variety to the overall design, when combined with the above point you can expect some truly awe-inspiring surface design artwork.

Lastly the finishing process and top coats, sealing the products will affect the overall time spent on the job and repeat visits, naturally the products are water resistant but we recommend applying sealers to add surface resilience to staining, increase the longevity of the installation and can be used to enhance or affect the shine level of the end product, we tend to use satin, high gloss or matt sealers for this.

That’s all we’ve got for you on this post, which gives quite a comprehensive understanding of the factors you should consider when looking for a micro cement installation, whether from us or another applicator, each will have its own pricing structure so this can be used as a reference point or place to begin your own inquiries.

If you would like a consultation or sales appointment, simply reach out to us using the contact form or drop us an email.

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