If you have any other questions that aren’t covered here, please get in touch and we’ll get back to you.

We love to work in an environment that is clean, clear and free of clutter as best as possible so ask that the room or area is cleared before we arrive, if you are unable to move larger items, we can help do that if needed on the day.

Personal belongings, pictures on wall, smaller items should all be moved into a separate area as we don’t want to risk damaging or getting them dirty. Naturally we will take our own measures to protect, tape up and be proactive when it comes to caring for you home.

Yes of course we do, our aim is to leave the room or area the same as when we found it, with the exception of your lovely new feature wall or surface design installation.

We’ll remove any rubbish created by us and have a clean-up, we’re not there to carry out deep cleans or tidy up after other tradesmen that may have also been working.

Absolutely, we have to ensure that the surface is fit for purpose and ready to have the agreed installation, which is why we visit beforehand.

Should there have been any drastic changes between our initial visit and the installation date, such as new holes, damp, or damages we may need to revise the fees to rectify but we will let you know if this is the case when we arrive, if you haven’t done so already.

As the applicator we know what needs to be done in order to achieve the desired finish so will undertake our processes to give you the best outcome.

To receive a quote from us you can do one of three things:

We will require sufficient information & ideally to view the space, including dimensions, where you would like the installation in order to get a quote.
This can be completed virtually via a video call if preferred.

Once we’ve got this information, we’ll set to work providing you an accurate investment for the work.

That’s a great question & one that doesn’t have a fixed answer as each job is very different.

Fireplace walls, media units and simple designs could take as little as a few days whereas the larger jobs, whole rooms and more complex designs can see us repeatedly visiting over the course of several weeks.

Choice of products, ambient temperature & airflow in the space will also have an impact due to drying times.

Also consider the top coats, sealers and waxes which need to be added in some instances to extend durability & water resistance.

If you’ve got a firm deadline to work to, we need to know from the point of initial contact to see if it’s feasible.

If we are being asked to complete an installation on a wall or areas that have minor surface cracking this can have minimal impact, having come from a decorating background we’re used to dealing with this.

However larger cracks & signs of movement in the property will need assessing more thoroughly, which we will do during our initial visit, should there be any underlying issues such as subsidence or blown plaster we recommend addressing this first before we undertake our installation.

We might be able to include this within our quote so it’s best to check.

This will vary between jobs, so is hard to give a fixed price for as there lots of variables to consider, an indicative range would be between £110-150 per metre.

Yes, of all the finishing options we do, Microcement is one of the tougher and more durable finishes, which is why it makes a great choice for bathrooms, floors and kitchens.

It is not bulletproof & can still be damaged by dropping heavy items, dragging furniture across it & mistreating it.

By its very nature Microcement is usually water resistant but not always waterproof, this varies with each manufacturer of the product.

We can apply additional products over the top of it to enhance these properties & increase longevities to suit the application where needed.

Each installation will vary depending on the designs and work involved, typically you’d expect to pay between £95-160 / metre for this type of finish.

On its own Venetian plaster is reasonably resilient, depending on the finish, but must be treated as a decorative finish so it doesn’t become damaged. Therefore, we would advise not to lean things up against it, knock into it with objects or run hard items across the surface which could scratch or leave marks.

We can apply sealers or waxes to the installation to help with overall durability & resistance to stains but it will not increase surface hardness or ability to withstand abuse.

Providing you care for the installation, rewax or seal if needed and generally love it & treat it well it will stand up to day to day life.

You certainly could, but we would advise getting the correct training & tools to do so otherwise you risk making a mess of your project, the materials we typically use to conduct our surface designs aren’t like your average paint from the shop.

If you’re competent with tools & have a sound understanding of the product ranges then by all means get yourself some materials & give it a whirl!

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