When to install microcement in a bathroom


If you’re reading this, perhaps you’ve already decided that Microcement in your bathroom is the finish you’re going for, or maybe the idea has come about. You’re uncertain how this decision might affect the overall schedule. Either way, we’re glad you’re here, and as you read through this post, your questions should be addressed. Firstly, … Read more

Should I use Venetian plaster or decorative paint for a feature wall?

Urban blend venetian plaster with colur gradient stencils and texture in London

To determine whether decorative paint or authentic Venetian plaster is the right option for your feature wall, we should consider the main factors that will assist us. In most cases, we would go down the route of Venetian plaster. However, a paint finish or mixture of other products and paint could be the more suitable … Read more

What Are Polished Plaster Finishes?

signature walls venetian polished plaster collage

With such an array of finishes on offer within polished Venetian plaster, it can be a bit overwhelming when seeking a suitable option for your surfaces. You may enjoy one that has a lovely patterning, displaying all the characteristics of marble plaster, whereas someone else’s preference may be for a more textured design. How can … Read more

How can I use Venetian plaster in my home renovation project?

how to use venetian plaster in home renovation project by signature walls

To benefit the most from using Venetian plaster as part of your home renovation project, you should consider the main points outlined in this article. Whilst each case is individual, with our taste preferences and budget coming into play, there is, of course, more generalisation that will apply. Does the style of my property matter? … Read more

How to do polished plaster walls?

How to do polished plaster a training course for venetian by signature walls

If you’re looking to create a show-stopping feature wall, how you do your polished plaster walls will significantly impact just how amazing they look once complete. Spoiler alert this is not for the faint of heart or unskilled people to tackle. Venetian polished plaster is a premium decorative coating that can e unforgiving but yields … Read more

Can I use Microcement on kitchen splashback?

microcement worktop in london

Why Might You Want To Consider Microcement on Your Splashback? As an alternative to tiles, plastic sheets, glass or marble, microcement on your splashbacks provides another option and range of colours, textures, designs and finishes that you may not get with the other materials. You’re not restricted to particular dimensions constraints because it is installed … Read more

Can I use Microcement on floors?

light grey micro cement floor london

Microcement Floor When looking for alternative floor coverings, Microcement could be an option for you. It’s robust, stylish, and results in a seamless flow from area to area, not only that you can apply it to other surfaces in the same property, including wet rooms, walls and kitchens. Making microcement an incredibly versatile product. It … Read more

What is Venetian Plaster?

what is venetian plaster here is a selection of novacolour products

What is Venetian Plaster? Venetian plaster is a wall and ceiling finish consisting the process of plaster blended in with marble dust, applied with a spatula or scoop in dainty, various layers, which are then shined to make a smooth surface with the deception of profundity and surface. Venetian plaster strategies incorporate marmorino, scagliola, and … Read more

Is Venetian Plaster Out Of Style?

oxidised copper stencil with venetian plaster

Is Venetian plaster out of style? To understand this first we must realise that fashion and style are individual and personal to us, yes there will be trends, movements and phases but ultimately our perspective dictates what is and is not considered stylish. Yes of course there is influence readily available at every turn, in … Read more

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