Why Metallic Plaster Is A Great Choice For High End Venues

If you run a high end commercial premises, such as a boutique hotel, luxury spa or exclusive restaurant, you will know that getting the interior design right is crucial to send the right message to your customers. Finding a style that sets you apart from the competition yet also speaks of good taste can be a challenge.

One of the most modern ways to create a distinctive yet stylish interior design finish is to use polished metallic plaster. Here’s a look at what it is and what it can be used for. 

What is metallic plaster?

Metallic plaster, sometimes called polished plaster or Venetian plaster, contains slaked lime putty and marble dust. Dyes and textures are added during the manufacturing process to create a unique finish that really has the wow factor. This also eliminates the need to add paint or wallpaper, making it time efficient and cost effective.

There are various options available, from a subtle shimmer to a high shine, and even stencilling or moulded details. Traditional metallic colours such as golds, silvers, bronze and copper can be combined with a range of textures, from a high shine to a sandblasted effect. This produces a durable, contemporary and eye-catching finish.

Polished plaster is very easy to maintain, simply needing a wipe down with a damp cloth and mild soapy water if visibly dirty. Any accidental dents and marks can be easily removed or repaired without the need to replaster the entire wall. 

How can metallic plaster be incorporated into commercial design?

The medium is extremely versatile and can be used in several different ways. It is not only attractive but highly durable and damp resistant, so there are very few restrictions on its use. 

As a wall covering

Metallic plaster is ideally suited to creating feature walls in restaurant dining areas, spas, or reception areas. The shimmer and sparkle can add that touch of opulence that makes the venue appear reassuringly high end and also right on trend with bespoke interior design. For the extra wow factor you could use it to plaster an entire room or even building.

As a ceiling covering

A ceiling plastered with a shimmering metallic finish can look truly beautiful and create a memorable environment for your guests. It is an impressive feature that makes a bold design statement in any room.

To add patterns or corporate branding

Metallic plaster can be finished with stencil detailing. This can be used to add decorative finishes to walls or flooring, or to enhance features such as ceiling lights, coving, or to use as borders or edging around doors, windows, mirrors, or other architectural features.

Bespoke stencilling can also be used as part of your corporate branding, to recreate logos or add brand messaging in prominent places throughout the premises. This helps to integrate your corporate identity seamlessly into the interior decor and enhances the high end image you are striving for.

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