Where To Use Venetian Plaster Around Your Home

Why Use Venetian Plaster?

A tasteful and incredibly versatile decorative coating you can expect to find Venetian plaster used throughout modern homes.

It gives the opportunity to produce soem truly special finsiehs which can show off yoru personality or design influences.

However, you can enhance other areas of your home with our range of other products such as microcement or metallics.


Can I Use Venetian Plaster On My Walls?

You can use Venetian plaster on your walls.

This is the most common application and is often installed on a feature wall or media unit.

Providing the gypsum plaster underneath is in good condition and not blown then the Venetian plaster can be installed straight over the top.

There will be primer and base coats to install before the materials start coming to life.



Can I Use Venetian Plaster On My Ceiling?

Yes, this is something that can work.

This idea needs to consider which finish is used. High shine and glossy styles using traditional marble plaster can be famous, especially when combined with dropped ceiling lines and up lighters.

Can I Use Venetian Plaster On My Floor?

No, this is not a product that you can use to do this with.

It is a thin wall covering and will not cope well with installed on a floor.

Instead, you could have an acrylic based product, epoxy resins or microcement.


Is Venetian Plaster Good To Use In My Bathroom?

We have other products, such as micro cement or micro toppings, which would be better suited to use in the bathroom environment.

Microcement or other similar products are designed to be water-resistant straight out of the tub, making them a much better choice.

They will be sealed up to add further durability to your designs.

Can I Use Venetian Plaster Outside?

It isn’t ideal, so we don’t advise doing this.

As with bathroom suitability, there are better choices to make for products that can be used outdoors.

Instead, try our robust microcement to give a seamless installation.

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