Purple Venetian Polished Plaster Feature Wall in London

Purple Venetian Polished Plaster Feature Wall

Choosing the right colour and finish is crucial for decorative coating such as Venetian plaster.

Whilst we’re here to guide and assist, you, as the customer, ultimately make the end decision.

It can be the best decision you’ve ever made for those who enjoy purple as colour, whereas people who aren’t so keen on this superb choice may wish to seek inspiration elsewhere.

Can The Purple Polished Plaster Have Anything Else Added To It?


You could have metallic additives blended into your design which would create sparkle and pop when teh light hits it.

This further adds to the glitz and glam factor.

Alternatively, it could be blended with other products to alter the texture and appearance yet retain the colour.

Liquid metal could be integrated into the overall wall design in teh form of stencils or sections which then feather into the purple, greys such as steel or zinc could work well alongside the vibrant purple. 

What Are My Options For Patterning Within the Purple Design Coats?

Depending on how you’d like the result to appear, we can adapt the application strokes to reflect your preference.

The key when installing marble plaster is the application technique. This delicate finish has a reputation for being tricky and unforgiving. 

It can be installed with longer strokes which will provide a completely different visual impact compared to teh shorter, more beautiful designs.

Which direction it’s applied in will also show through in your completed surface. Typically with these types of products, we tend to avoid a linear application, whereas a product such as Concrete will look more natural with that technique.

Where Could I Use Purple Venetian Plaster?

You can use purple Venetian polished plaster or any other colour in most interior environments.

It will not do well outside or in places where high moisture content or lots of potential movement is expected on a surface.

We also do not recommend installing behind a cooker where teh surface may be prone to hot oil splashes, dirt from food, or harsh chemicals used to clean the area.

The options are to install polished plaster on walls, ceilings, art pieces, focal points, or surfaces that are suitable for installing a decorative coating.

If you have ideas about where you’d like to use this, simply drop us an email, ideally with pictures, and we can advise whether it would be suitable.

How Many Variations On Purple Venetian Polished Plaster Do You Have?

As we touched on earlier, these products can be tailored to your exact tastes, so whilst there are standard off the shelf purples available, we can blend more or fewer colourants along with other tints to produce one-off colours.

This can be done to match your favourite jumper, sports team, company colour scheme, ana excellent paint or wallpaper, you find it, and we’ll try to check it!

If you want to push the boundaries, we can colour blend other shades into your design as we go, recreating that natural colour variance you’d expect to find in marble.

Of course, when it comes to teh overall finish of your polished plaster, the goal is to make it shine. If you decide that a more subtle sheen is what you’re after, we can accommodate but must be aware of this before our processes are finished.

To discover more about our Venetian plaster services you can get in touch via email hello@signature-walls.co.uk or pick up the phone and dial 0203 488 7578.

We look forward to hearing from you soon, the Signature Walls Team

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