Is Venetian Plaster Expensive?

Is Venetian Plaster Expensive?

Venetian plaster is a well-known Italian feature wall and ceiling finish that may be applied by an expert to rapidly create a stone, marble, or concrete-like look on a few centimetres of thickness.

Venetian plaster materials cost in the UK varies depending on the quantity, quality, and colour of the plaster used, but on average, they start at £4.60 and go up to £19 per metre square. Included are wax and primer. High-gloss Venetian plasters and multi-coloured textured effects with waxes tend to be more expensive than mildly textured, satin, or smooth single-color finishes.

Venetian plaster supplies are far less expensive than supply and fit, which can cost anywhere from £65 to £120+ per metre square, however it’s not uncommon to pay as much as £400 per metre square for a really durable finish with an amazing design

Colour matching, a large number of samples, or sample walls can all add to the cost of Venetian plastering, not to mention difficult access or specific protectors for long-term durability.

The high cost is due to the hand-applied nature of this magnificent bespoke finish, which takes at least 3 to 5 days to complete.Venetian Plaster

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