Ideas for show-worthy surfaces using decorative plasters, microcement and polished Venetian plaster

If you want to have a wall with a WOW factor but are not sure where to start, this article is for you.

Equally so, if the range of ideas and levels of creativity hits a stumbling block the minute you’re sitting down to sketch out some ideas, this article can also be helpful.

Whether you decide to enlist our services to produce the work or not is ultimately down to you.

With some of our potential readership base falling outside of our catchment area, you’ll have no choice but to either do it yourself or seek assistance.

Should this be you, but not sure where to find someone, then feel free to get in touch as we have industry connections the length and breadth of the country!

What are the most show-stopping finishes and Venetian plasters on my walls?

Like much of the decorative and art-based world, it comes down to personal preference and opinion as to which finishes you’d class as show-stopping.

Some people will say that a subtle design with a small amount of texture and relatively flat colouring is out of this world, the best thing since sliced bread and any other comparative statement.

Whereas other people will love the bright, bold and flashy designs.

Personal opinions aside, we generally find that shiny, reflective, metallic, or highly polished finishes on feature walls and surfaces will grab attention. 

This is partly due to how light interacts with it, bouncing around, reflecting and refracting all over the space.

Bright and loud colours or adding these elements can also produce a striking design that demands to be looked at, especially true if contrast is considered and factored into the feature wall style and overall room design.

I remembered that the way the space is finished with fittings, fixtures and furnishings would add to and enhance the Venetian plaster wall or detract from it.

How can I create a feature wall design that looks great at night and in the daytime?

To achieve a feature wall design that looks equally impressive at night to me as it does during the day will take skill, planning and an eye for details.

This is no small task.

A suitably qualified interior designer or stylist can help here, as will a talented team of applicators and artists, such as ourselves.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that everyone will be able to do this, even if they tell you they can!

Like much of the service-based world, many people lack ideas, creativity and insight, choosing instead to pursue the vocation purely on a monetary basis with about as much enthusiasm as an emotionless …………

Sure they’ll tell you they can do something, but the results could leave you disappointed, lacklustre or deflated.

Would you want to take that chance?!

Creative vision is part intuition, part skill and a lot of love for what you do. If, like us, you’re a good judge of character, then gut instinct is also there to assist in your decisions.

I digress from the main point here.

To create a feature wall that wows guests at any time of the day, you need to factor in:

  • Natural light
  • Artificial light
  • Angle of light
  • Other decorative ideas and finished
  • How the room is to be dressed (flooring, furniture, artwork, accessories)
  • Your tastes and preferences

It is essential to view the space first and get a sense of perspective and how it can be tied into the rest of the project/ property.

All is well and good installing a neon pink, glittery feature wall, but if the rest of the home resembles a 17th-century Italian farmhouse or grade 2 listed period property,m then it’s fair to say there may be a clash in styles.

Finishes your friends don’t have on their walls.

A controversial topic here, with some clients seeking out options that their friends don’t or can’t have as a way to differentiate themselves and receive compliments along with a serving of envy.

It is not always the main driving factor, but it is a significant point to add to the mix.

There’s something to be said for having something others don’t.

Some of us choose this to set ourselves apart.

Others due to the price tag.

Also, this can be an appealing option for clients who want a one-of-one total custom art piece installed.

Individualisation stretches all industries, and long gone are the days when you’re limited to only a few options for decorating your home or business.

In decorating, there are no rules!

So use your ideas and inspirations and have us create you a wall, ceiling or surface that makes you happy every time you lay eyes on it.

A masterpiece so revered that you’d not want to move house.

Our drive comes from creating eye-opening, awe-inspiring installations that will stand the test of time and look great for many years.

Will you be part of this journey?

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