How To Add Metallic Accents To Your Home

One of the biggest interior design trends in 2023 is for metallic accents, but adding a touch of gold or silver to your decor is hard to do without it looking tacky. 

Metallic plaster

Instead of buying rose gold cushion cases or silver-painted furniture, simply add shimmer to your room with metallic Venetian plaster

This textured plaster looks even more impressive with high-reflecting properties, which catches the light, as well as everyone’s attention. This is a subtle way of adding some glitz and glamour to a room, whether you opt for gold, silver, bronze or copper as your finish. 


Some homeowners might like the idea of statement walls, in which case why not opt for a metallic paint? This is likely to have a stronger metallic look than  glimmering plaster, so it is wise to complement it with more neutral colours.

For instance, brass-coloured paint works really well against woods and linens. 


You can always be braver with your choice of tiles, with homeowners typically happy to opt for bright patterned tiles for their bathroom but plain paint for their lounge. Well, these days tiles aren’t just for washrooms, and they are popping up in dining rooms, living rooms and even bedrooms.

Colberg Architecture’s Eugene Colberg stated: “Tiles have excellent applicability outside of just bathrooms and kitchens.”

Choose tiles in a metallic finish for an even more luxurious, stylish feel to your interior design. 

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