Blue Venetian Polished Plaster as an accent wall

When you’re thinking about adding a feature wall to your home or place of work, there will undoubtedly be a lot of thoughts, ideas, and choices to be made. Colour and texture are two of the main ones.

Blue Venetian plaster can be a bold choice.

Get it right, and you’ll have created a space that you adore and love to spend time in, whereas a bad judgement call can lead to a costly mistake, at least with paint, you can paint straight over it if you’re not such a fan.

Decorative plasters aren’t so easy; however, you could pay a second time for it to be recoated in another shade of blue application or blended in with another colour to take the edge off it.

What are we to do when making these critical decisions for your feature wall, ceiling or artwork installation?

For some of us, that’s a quick and easy process, simply selecting our favourite colours and shades from the catalogues or recollections stored in our minds, then moving forward.

Elsewhere others seek inspiration across the web, with social media sites such as Instagram or Pinterest being at the forefront of beautiful imagery and inspirations, helping you find a glimmer of hope when selecting the perfect colour.

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You know the one that will make you feel a certain way, to evoke the desired emotions from within. In this instance, choosing the correct shade of blue is an essential part of getting what you want.

That is, after all, what colour has the power to do. Whether you’ve selected your choices from conscious intent or not, how we interpret and perceive colour is very personal, but some commonalities are considered.

Take blue Venetian polished plaster as an example here.

If used in a home office environment, which we have done for a client, then it can be considered that due to its vibrant and bright tones, the following could apply:

– Sense of dependability, reliability and strength

– Productivity level increaser

– Trustworthy

– Draws attention in

– Visually appealing

– Wow factor, for virtual visitors and real-life guests alike

By opting for a blue Venetian plaster accent wall in a shade of bright blue as opposed to a painted or wallpapered feature wall, the client has shown to colleagues and business partners that he is a dependable guy and reasonable to do business with.

Opting for Venetian plaster oozes that opulent touch, which other wall covering options wouldn’t have been able to match.

Marble plaster is considered a luxurious wall covering choice, being at the more premium end of investment for the installations. Hence, it’s been used throughout history by aristocratic residences, palaces, prestigious buildings, and places of significance.

When you select this as a finish for your home or business walls, you want people to notice and comment. You’re after the wow factor and questions asking, ‘what is this!?’

A focal point should be a centrepiece, bringing the conversation to its direction, capturing the gaze and piquing the interest of onlookers.

In some cases, blue is a bold choice, incredibly the more vibrant of shades. The lighter and more subtle variants will still achieve a reaction, just more delicately.

Choosing the right shade for you also comes down to some other vital factors, we believe, as touched on below.

Do you want the colour to mirror nature in any way? If so, think about the shades of blue found in the sky or water, nature’s most abundant resource?

You could attempt to recreate a stormy sea with choppy waters, white dashes of foam and the energy that carries forth, such as captured so perfectly by Rembrandt in The Storm on the Sea of Galilee, giving you your masterpiece in your home or office.

Or a tranquil place of peace and serenity, calm and serene waters that draw you in and curate a sense of wellbeing from within, setting the tone for a less stressful day at work.

Blue is also the colour associated with feeling low or depressed, at least here in England, with the saying of feeling like you got the blues. So choosing your shade carefully will save you from falling into a gloomy slump.

For a single feature wall or focal point, it is unlikely that would happen in any instance significantly if you’d invested in a piece of wall art. It would be much more likely to happen should you decide to go all out and paint the whole house in shades of dark blues, navy blue and other light-absorbing palettes without adding in any contrasts or colour pops.

Lighting plays a key role here, but that isn’t the scope of this piece. Just know that the proper lighting can make or break the impact of an installation.

Language is a funny thing I’m always fascinated by, as one thing can be translated into so many different meanings. Adding stencil work, quotes, or famous sayings to the Venetian plaster art piece could bring about a whole new angle from which to enjoy it, with the stencils either being overlaid onto a finishes installation or embedded into the design for added intrigue and depth.

While it’s largely open to interpretation, we can associate blue with loyalty and stability, a sense of trustworthiness, which is often found in corporate branding and logos.

A hand-applied and finished option, polished plaster is one of the more labour-intensive finishes available on the market, mainly owing to the techniques used to achieve decorative and high shine finish. It is also a very unforgiving material that skilled artisans, such as ourselves, should only apply.

To find an exact shade that matches your tastes, it can be tinted to suit, giving you almost infinite possibilities for reaching the visions you have in your head, company colour schemes, memoirs from yesteryear and beyond.

When used as an accent or feature wall, polished Venetian plaster also carries a sense of added drama. As we touched on earlier, the material is hand-applied; how this will translate onto your wall because each applicator will have their style and our application methods.

Depending on where they learnt their craft and frow home would usually dictate their style to a degree, sometime you will find they have trained with serval people in the industry, such as we did, to develop their blend from here.

For you, the client, this means that the patterning will be unique to each art piece, which needs to be considered early when looking for someone to take care of your installation.

Some prefer a longer stroke, whereas others may enjoy seeing more sporadic and scattered detailing.

Ultimately this comes down to personal preferences; the smaller the stroke, the busier the wall installation can become, considering how you plan to dress and furnish the space.

If leaving your guests amazed is your goal, you may want to consider some blending of shades within the design, which could work particularly well as a backdrop for your video conference calls and meetings.

Additionally, the further wow factor can be included in your design by adding depth or texture to the Venetian plaster. Using the same shade of blue would be possible in most cases, as can tint topcoats, metallurgic additives or metallic waxes.

You’ll undoubtedly get a jaw-dropping installation by using us as your company of choice. If you’d love to pick our brains on all things plaster or decorative finish related, give us a call on 0203 4887578

We look forward to speaking soon

The Signature Walls Team

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