Add Luxury To Your Walls With Venetian Plaster

When it comes to decorating walls, homeowners should look beyond wallpapering or painting, as there is another option to consider now – Venetian plastering

Yes, the texture and finish of your walls are just as important as their colour and pattern. Not content with standard plastered walls anymore, more and more people are looking to add character, history and life to their brickwork. 

Venetian plastering is not a new concept, however, as it has been around since the 15th Century, which is why it oozes elegance, timelessness and luxury. 

Designer Susanna Schaal told Vogue magazine the “art form” has become a big trend lately, as it is “soulful”. 

“Given our struggles through the pandemic and our disconnection caused by excessive technological dependence, soulful materiality is human and grounding,” she stated. 

This simple interior design feature should not be underestimated, as its versatility, sense of depth, and environmentally-friendliness is making it a huge hit in high-end properties. 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s luxury home featured plenty of Venetian plastering, while lots of homes in New York’s prestigious Upper East Side have been updated with the covering over the last few years. 

One of the reasons its popularity is soaring is how natural it looks, breaking down the barrier between indoors and outdoors. Using neutral colours, such as white and beige, also adds to that earthy look, which feels luxurious at a time when everyone is trying to reconnect more with nature. 

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