Where Is Venetian Plaster Primarily Used In The Home?

The use of Venetian plaster is one that endures throughout different design trends and periods, but in the last five years, it has stepped out of the shadows from an interesting design accessory to the featured attraction.

Many luxury homeowners love a marble effect in their homes, but using large amounts of marble for wall structures is very hard to accomplish and is often quite impractical, let alone exceptionally expensive.

However, Venetian plaster, made from a mix of fired limestone and water and applied using a special three-layered method, has become an ideal option, because it is more affordable than marble, is exceptionally versatile, low maintenance and durable, as well as looking refined.

Whilst it can be used in essentially any room in your home, there are certain places where designers and homeowners alike particularly love to apply the marble look. Here are some of the best.


Probably the most versatile place to use Venetian plaster is in the bathroom, and both for practical and aesthetic reasons it is a particularly winning choice.

From an aesthetic standpoint, you have a spar-like aesthetic that looks expensive, luxurious and perfectly combined with natural and biophilic textures and colours, but from a practical standpoint, it lacks the grout marks that often lead to mould.


Whilst people will always love a traditional stone hearth, Venetian plaster has been used for centuries to create elaborate, practical and beautiful fireplace settings, often creating effects that are essentially impossible to accomplish using marble.

Even if you want a minimalist focal point for a living room, Venetian plaster is a much more affordable and refined option.

Feature Walls

Probably the most famous use of polished plaster in recent years, the accent wall has become an important part of any major interior design project, and when busy patterns and wallpapers will not do, Venetian plaster creates an almost timeless, striking aesthetic.

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