Concrete Feature Walls

What Is It About Concrete Finishes?

Make no mistake any style, taste or design is likely to have both its fans and also critiques, concrete venetian plaster is no differenent in that respect.

Without both sides there would be no variety, which could lead to a very boring world very quickly, We love this finish and have had the opportunity to install it within clients’ homes to create some truly magnificent walls.

Whether it’s the nod to industrial heritage or a rough, rugged and textured style that can be combined with softer furnishings, accessories or additional design coatings.

Its durability makes it a desirable choice for being installed within commercial settings too such as restaurants or fitness centres.


What Are The Options For Concrete Venetian Plaster Designs?

As with all of our finishes, we’re primarily governed by the four main factors:

  • imagination or creativity 
  • funds
  • space available 
  • environmental conditions 

So within the concrete as a material, you can recreate any external scenario that you may come across.

From smooth and polished, to aged and worn, patinas including rusting steel rebars can be integrated into your designs.

Looking for join lines and marks of shuttering? No problem we’ve got you covered!

Need some green tinges and aeration bubbles added in for further visual impact? Sure thing.

Bring us your ideas and let us figure out how to bring them to life.

Can You Oxidise Concrete Venetian Plaster?

Yes of course, it really adds to the gritty, dark and dramatic look when using concrete designs.

This element can be integrated into the concrete using several methods but typically you may like to consider it for ageing or exposed metalworks from corrosion.

We can also replicate the emergence of a steel girder from behind concrete that has chipped away.


Is Concrete Plaster As Durable As Real Concrete?

Scratch resistance with our concrete Venetian plaster finishes is pretty tough, yet it is still a decorative coating, so we don’t advise attempting to scratch it.

Installing it in areas that are likely subject to extra wear and tear may be better off installing a different product such as micro cement.

We do have sealers that will help protect the design; however, some of the more robust coatings do change the appearance slightly, making your concrete appear to be more plastic.

If you require the installation to remain matt in appearance, you’re primarily reliant on the surface durability of the concrete.

We do have a few products that we use that fall under this category, so when deciding where to use the products, we can best advise on what the material is we’d use.

Naturally we won’t be able to cast structural slabs, formwork or big pours from the decorative coatings that we install, so if you need architectural services or structural work completing we recommend you speak to such as JP Dunn | Specialist groundworks and contract frame contractor (

Is Concrete Venetian Plaster Waterproof?

Should you plan to install concrete Venetian plaster finishes in wet areas or outdoors then yes we have you covered with products that are waterproof.

This means that you can have this range of desirable, stylish, seamless finishes in your bathrooms, wet rooms, and spa areas installed instead of a patio then this is possible.

Within our selection of micro toppings, micro cement or Venetian plaster we have a finish fit for your purpose.

Since we install each job by hand the texture and overall look of the installation will be specific to you.

In wet areas the product will be sealed with a suitable sealant and fixtures are masticated in to maintain a water-resistant seal.

In the future, you’ll need to maintain these items, with the sealer being possible to sand a reseal when needed.

Mastic can be raked out and replaced too as it becomes old, you’ll need to use special mastic for most products so it doesn’t react with the plaster or microcement materials.


Where Can I Find Out More About Your Services?

To discover more about our Venetian plaster services you can get in touch via email or pick up the phone and dial 0203 488 7578.

We look forward to hearing from you soon, the Signature Walls Team

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