Why Is Microcement So Expensive?

grey micro cement floor in balham by signature walls

What is in Microcement? As a cement-based product, you’ll find that microcement contains some of the additives you may discover in other decorative coatings.  It is mainly made up of resins, colourants, binders, cement and then water. Some formulations may contain other elements but this will vary from supplier to supplier. Like any recipe or … Read more

Can I use Microcement on kitchen splashback?

microcement worktop in london

Why Might You Want To Consider Microcement on Your Splashback? As an alternative to tiles, plastic sheets, glass or marble, microcement on your splashbacks provides another option and range of colours, textures, designs and finishes that you may not get with the other materials. You’re not restricted to particular dimensions constraints because it is installed … Read more

Can I use Microcement on floors?

light grey micro cement floor london

Microcement Floor When looking for alternative floor coverings, Microcement could be an option for you. It’s robust, stylish, and results in a seamless flow from area to area, not only that you can apply it to other surfaces in the same property, including wet rooms, walls and kitchens. Making microcement an incredibly versatile product. It … Read more

Can I Use Micro Cement On My Floor?

microcement floor london

In essence, the answer is yes. As with most of these decorative finishes and surface design options, it’s not always that straightforward; allow us to explain and give examples of where Microcement is best suited or cannot be used. Microcement can be used to go over most existing hard floors, including existing tiles, hardwood, concrete, … Read more

Can I micro cement over tiles?

With the advent of this revolutionary material comes a whole world of possibilities, not just within bathrooms but also kitchen, floors and anywhere that you might enjoy a decorative finish in your home! Usually, you’d be governed by only a handful of options when it comes to bathroom areas and wet rooms, with tiled finishes … Read more

Achieving An Industrial Look With Venetian Plaster

ditressed concrete venetian plaster with oxidised rust pillar

How To Achieve An Industrial Finish With Venetian Plaster  Industrial inspiration can be introduced into the home or office with Venetian plaster whether you’re planning renovation works or just want to freshen things up a bit with a twist. There are no rules in the world of Venetian plaster, soo it’s an exciting and explorative … Read more

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