7 of our favourite ways to make your surfaces shine, pop and sparkle using Venetian plaster and micro cement

metallic shiny venetian plaster

When looking to make your walls, floors, worktops, ceilings, or splash backs shine using decorative finishes such as Venetian Plaster you are faced with many possibilities. The scope of this article is to help you understand in more detail what some of these are and how they may be applicable to your project. Versatility and … Read more

Is Venetian Plaster Out Of Style?

oxidised copper stencil with venetian plaster

Is Venetian plaster out of style? To understand this first we must realise that fashion and style are individual and personal to us, yes there will be trends, movements and phases but ultimately our perspective dictates what is and is not considered stylish. Yes of course there is influence readily available at every turn, in … Read more

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